This I Believe


People have the strength to conquer their problems in life
They don’t have to let their fears slash through like a knife
This I believe

How do I believe this, you ask?
Well, I have been put up to this task
Let me tell you the story
And you will believe too, surely

In preschool I was outcasted
Being ostracized and put up to bullying that lasted
All because I was shy
So sad, I asked, “Why?”

At this, my mom said I was different, that’s all
And that I shouldn’t let my spirits fall
Not being ‘normal’ is often good
Because you can do things nobody else could

Keeping Mom’s wise words close to my heart,
I went to school the next day with a positive start
I wanted to prove being different was cool
And that I wouldn’t change to fit in because I’m nobody’s fool

Over time I made the bullying stop
I solved my problem and went to the top

With faith and determination, only good will you receive
This, I wholeheartedly believe


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