I am...That girl

I am a young lady  

Who dreams are bigger then the world
A 17 year old girl
Who is thinking about college life 
And what type of friends she will meet
Will she'll change or be the same 
Will she'll take the right or wrong path 
Now that got her wondering will she succeed 
I am that girl who's afraid of failure 
Wanting to fit in with the most popular pretty girls
But end up hanging out with the Geeks and nerds 
I am that girl 
Who is wanting to date a fine Kappa Alapha boy who can shimmy like no other 
Or date a fine football player who is the star of the team 
But end up dating the lames and nice guys who are very sweet
I am that girl 
Who is trying to step out of her comfort zone
But not confident enough to step out of it 
I am that girl 
Who is ready to graduate 
But not ready to leave her high school friends nor classmates knowing that she will see them once in a while in life but not everyday that's very sad
And all I can say is I am that Girl 
Because there is no other like me
But there are some that understand me 
I am that Girl 
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