I am...Mixed in Every Way


When you look at me, what do you see?

I would hope that it would be my personality


That is not what society has taught you, me… we.

You see my #TBT, selfies and who follows me


What is that really?


I am me,

Raised by she, In a world of he’s

Two races intertwined as one whole

Neither black nor white

Not rich or poor

Neither happy or sad, where do I go?

Not one category do I fit

So please… understand,

Understand when I say I’m at the end of my wit

Unconformable in a conformable world

Where everything has its place


“I’m fine”

An automatic two word response for a three word question,

Where the true feelings are exposed on my face.

Troubled… undefinable maybe.

Billions of thoughts and emotions

Held in a fragile body, unable to process thoughts into words,

A baby


So, who am I? you ask

I am one who in taking on that incredible task,

Finding, possibly even saving myself, setting my thoughts free

My own knight and shining armor


That, is me.





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