I Am.....A Survivor


United States
41° 36' 24.732" N, 70° 33' 43.884" W

I Am Black

I Am A Girl

I Grew Up, Without A Father And A Mother

I Once Was Worthless

I Once Was A Mistake

I Once Was Helpless, Left Alone Many Days

Father Dead

Mother On Drugs 

I Once Blamed God

I Once Let These Things Bother Me 

I Once Use To Cut

I Am Older, 17 To Be Exact 

I Look At Things Differently

I Don't Blame Anyone For My Life, I Thank God Everyday For Letting Me Make It 

I Am No Longer Worthless, Useless, Or A Mistake As They Use To Say 

I Will Not Be A Statistic, I Will Make It 

I Did Not Let These Life Events Make Me

You Can Label Me As Strong

And If You Turn That Dictionary Page To The S's There You Will See Me 



This poem is about: 
My family


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