I am you

When all you feel is tired
And don't know where you belong
Like everything you've ever done
Is completely wrong.
How do you keep living
How do you survive
When everything you thought you knew
Is a bunch of lies.
You thought you'd be important,
You thought you'd change a life
But all you seem to do 
Is cry and cry and cry.
If only there was a purpose
A reason
Or a sign
To tell you that the torture
Won't always be yours to fight
You look in all the corners
For any speck of hope
Only finding darkness
And that you're all alone.
I wish that I could tell you
You'll make it to the end
That all you need is courage
To finish with a win.
But the truth is 
I'm still tired
Without a place to belong
So today it's seems
You and I are living
The same sad song.
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