I Am You

Wed, 12/24/2014 - 02:43 -- mackmil

Born into the United States, but are we united/
Where racial inequalities still exist, are we divided/
Robbing and killings, most people don't see these ways/
That we're not progressing, but regressing back to the 1800 days/

Not saying that the government is trying to bring back slavery/
But enslaving our minds is obviously plain to see/
I'm just a little confused and I have questions/
Like what would have happened if I pulled a trigger if someone pushed my buttons/

What if I killed someone in self defense and the victim was not black/
What if I was that officer who went to that store and planted that crack/
What if I told you something harsher/
Like what if I was the one who put that illegal choke hold on Eric Garner/

Now what if you had a son/
That just so happen to die by the hands of an officer who's pointing a gun/
Nothing I have to say in this message is nice/
And in case you're wondering, that last one was for Tamir Rice/

What if you woke up, expecting to get married/
But instead, your body in a casket, they carried/
Man, this just sound like a horror to tell/
So I will end it there, R.I.P. to Sean Bell/

What if I was walking down a street, looking suspicious/
As a matter of fact, what exactly is being suspicious/
Having a tea and skittles while wearing a hoody screams for caution/
Who am I, I am you, I am Treyvon Martin/

I remember when I was handcuffed, then shot in the back/
I was told I was going to be tasered, now how lame is that/
If that happened, I'll still be alive and yes, I can honor that/
But now I have a movie, who am I, I am Oscar Grant/

This one needs to go right or else we the people will gather/
Hands up, don't shoot, black lives matter/
My story has gone global, so now I'm known all around/
Shot six times, who am I, I am Michael Brown/

I went to the University of South Alabama and wrestling, I loved/
just living the college life, I should have never took that drug/
I wanted to lay down when I felt my body getting hotter/
Now I'm laying down forever, hello world, I am Gilbert Collar/

Nothing is known about me or what happened that night/
My trip to 7'11 turned into a battle for my life/
A father to be and I will miss my girlfriend in labor/
I am me, I am white, and my name is Dillon Taylor/

This isn't a white or black problem, the country's at fault/
It's like we go to school and learn the things that we were never taught/
Like the rich pray for better models, and the middle class pray for better grades/
And everyone else under that, pray for better days/

This list consists of people, white and black/
That were killed by cops through a violent attack/
Justice is our goal and a better system is too/
Who am I, I am her, I am him, I am me, I am you/

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