I am whoever they say I am


I am whoever they say I am

It is unfair to let a person judge themselves.

It is the world who shapes us without filters.

We sit here studying books all on our shelves.

So we can grow up and provide shelter.


I am whoever they say I am

I am biased I am wrong

At the same time I am true I am an inspirational song

Its ironic how people change faces

Its an everlasting process its not just phases


I am whoever they say I am


You see one might as clever and Inventive.

The other might say he’s super neglactive.

Its easy to describe myself as perfect.

Its human nature, a brain effect.


I am whoever they say I am


Honestly im just a pool of thoughts that hopes to be an ocean.

Just to increase the chance of productivity.

Im very straight forward and can handle the tension.

Strong, intelligent, righteous and a little bit of sensitivity.


I am whoever they say I am

Otherwise, why would they say I am

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