I am who I say I am


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Its been a long time coming,

the moment I answer who am i.

A simple answer would be

"well i'm just me!!" 

,and that i would say it with the up most confidence

,yet i would not be playing just you but also myself.

Because really what is "just me"?

Well "just me" ain't the most confident, thats for sure...

But what ever you call putting others before yourself is what is feel is the contour

of "just me", the one sure thing i'm confident in.

Sometimes i'm even told i'm too nice for my own good

and i say "well good!!" because i am capable of turning your negative regard

into my greatest attribute no matter what the damage of the jarred.

I feel that everyone deserves some one who can treat them with kindness

whether they're frowned upon or not, we're only human is the way i see it.

Albeit they may not want my kindness, i'll be just as stubborn in my selfless actions.

There was a day i had where the clouds of gloom hung over me excessively,

where my grades weren't the best and others were mocking me.

During that day at lunch, i had hoped for relief.

As made my way to my click,

i had bumped into a person and got their lunch all over me

and i had a choice in being kind or be a huge...jerk.

Whom i had bumped into didn't change my mind on my choice,

but only made me feel the relief i had seeked.

it was the boy who's family was known to be not that financially great

and what was on my clothes could've been his day's only plate.

"Here take mine" i said

Then his look of apprehension turned to confusion then realization.

"Oh, well, you sure? Okay thanks, you're too kind."

And ofcourse i say "well good, i wouldn't have it any other way That's just me."

I'm rather glad, conifdent even, that this who i want to be!




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