I am who I am

Beautiful am I

Because I learned to let go

Because I learned not to care

what others thought of me

Because I love myself

Because I love others


Strong am I

Because I stood up for myself

Because I have Him on my side

Because I am a fighter

Because I keep going everyday


Joyous am I

Because I am grateful for

the small things in life

Because for me

the glass is always half full

Because I let the sunlight fill my heart


Wise am I

Because I know the difference

between right and wrong

Because I know from expierince

how to treat others

Because I’ve seen rich and poor

young and old

white and black

And know they can all get along


I am who I am

Not because of cruel people

and how they treated me

But because of how I chose to react

to everything that happened to me in my life


I am who I am

Because of the love and support I have

Because of my wonderful friends

Because I lived

And learned

To love

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world
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