I am who I am.


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Congratulations it's a baby girl! It starts from their day one on earth. The 1st true colors you see is pink. Pink walls, pink cloths, pink crib, for god sakes even your dippers are all pink. Symbolizing you as a female, the world is thinking you'll live a true girly girls life. Age 5 comes around. Long dresses that's long as a football field. Barbies lined up from East coast to West coast, showing the image of being a true girl. Even in school your gender plays a big role. Boys saying eww don't tough her or you'll die, she has cooties, to down to she will affect you like a cold. Now you're 10, your mother is picking out lice from your hair. It's a difficult time since it's endless like a bottomless pit. You're 13 now, and your room has a stack of magazines tall as the Eiffel tower. Your mother brings out makeup for you to experiment. Of course your 1st attempt, you got hired to be a clown. But years later as you finally get your masters degree. You went from looking like a clown to strait up Beyonce. Your time of transformation has arrived. Turning 15 you throw a party even bigger than the school's prom. Everyone around you treats and sees you as Barack Obama. For this day you'll become a true full blooded woman. You're 19 now, and you move out of town for college. For the 1st time in your life, you saw how the world really is. Realizing the person you became is an imposter. You graduate and is finally coming home after 4 years past. Your family and friends took a glance at your arrival. But all you see is their jaws hanging low, as if they seen a ghost. For they are confused, thinking their minds are playing tricks on them. For they no longer see the world prettiest woman, with flaw less hair and skin, who wear dresses and heels tall as a ruler. You show up with short hair that's no longer to your knees but to your ears. Even your right arm is tatted up from the wrist to the shoulder, hiding your once soft, glowing, smooth skin. Your fashion is no longer in style or trending. For you dress and look like a "male" in a female body. Your mother cries towards you screaming what happened, I thought I raised you right! You look at her and tell her no, making, shaping, and brainwashing me to be a "true woman" was wrong. You thought treating and guiding me as a girly girl while hiding everything else would help me? You're wrong it helped me realize that I am a strong independent young woman who has no limits. Your plan backfired and now I get to live my true potential life. But whithout these events I wouldn't be who I am today.

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My family
Our world


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