I am a weed

You once had so much faith in me,a flower you said you wouldn’t let wilt
.A flower you thought for sure would, without proper nurture
.You watered me words, 
and trimmed my thorns
 tended my soil, gave me sun
 and placed me in your quaint little garden.But you failed to see 
that I was a weed.
I just kept growing
 and you just kept hoping
and once I grew so tall,
you didn’t understand at all
that I was just an invasive weed
.I looked at you, and looked at me
I didn’t see blooms, not even a petal
I was bore from a bulb, a bulb of trouble.
No not a seed
,I’m just a weed.I cry because I failed to be
and I ended up making you unhappy.
I cry because I’m a weed,
you had to rip up,sadly
I’ve been uprooted, that’s okay with me
I apologize to you ever so deeply
I didn’t mean to commit deceit
I honestly didn’t know that I was a weedAnd that all your flowers
Fell victim to my sproutings
I couldn’t stop growing
 andnow your hard gardening 
isn’t looking so fun
because your lotus garden 
is now a garden of weeds.

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