I am a Time Traveler

I am in my dorm room crying because I feel rejected.

*Swish*  I am 15 years before sitting in the orphanage waiting for my new parents to come pick me up

My birthmother rejected me and in her place I got a new mom and dad.

I travel back to the present and wipe the tears away. Something new is coming


I stare at my calculus paper terrified about what could be on the other side

*Swish* I am at my table as my mom homeschools me. I flip my test over and see I have an A.

Math is not a hard subject for me at this age.

I travel back to the present and flip the test over. I know I can do this.


I feel his hands rake up my body as he whispers how he wants me.

*Swish* I am at my best friend’s house as she tells me to take off my clothes.

She feels the most intimate parts of me and tells me if I don’t do what she wants she won’t play with me

I travel back to the present and push him away. Not anymore.


I am a time traveler

I take the present situations

And find a cure

Sometimes it takes some patience


I look at the mistakes of my past

I look at my successes

The bad times don’t last

The winners aren’t always the oppressors







I look ahead to the future

To where poems wont rhyme

Where war will not be the solution

Where everyone loves anyone

Where children have love

Where women aren’t hit

Where men aren’t killed


I  AM a time traveler

WHERE  my hands will help the sick

WHERE I will pass medical school

WHERE I accomplish all my dreams


We are time travelers

Taken in loops and wormholes

Taken to certain sections in life at certain times

Because we were meant to change history right where we are

We travel to the past. We see the future.

We can make a change.

Time is relative.

We are time travelers when we accept we are time travelers

I am a time traveler and I will make a difference in the past, present, and future

This poem is about: 
Our world


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