I Am So Much More


I have a purpose, not a dream,

Where I will root with both feet in the churning earth,

And I will not stand alone, but in a team.

Together and separate, we will prove our worth.


I can not make you understand why I choose

To be demonized and hated and cast out,

To gain where so many others stand to lose.

So many believe they understand what I am about.


I am more than the Bogeyman to steal your home away!

I am a new tune to a sour tone of a warbled voice,

I will be a friend to help you to your bed to lay

Without fear of leaving or staying by not your choice.


I wish to be a guardian to the young ones.

I wish to take battered families in my palm,

I wish to keep alive and well the love that runs

Through parents and their children when even not a moment is calm.


My desire is to see these worn children happy and cherished

With old and tattered families that hold to the threads of

A unity of emotion and memory that has not yet perished.

This strong, stubborn connection that is love.


My desire is to take children not yet dead in their gaze,

To give them to hearts that will covet their wary attention,

To have them be loved and to love another for the rest of their days.

This is my honest and true intention.


I will no longer be myself as I am now.

I will be one for the many and few.

I will be a moving target, I will be a standing ovation bow.

I will be strong and humble and brave at a cue.


I will guard the children in my care,

Come sunshine and Hell to spit on my last fire,

I will have the armor of my success and failure to wear

Into the cold of the mouth of the honest and that of the liar.


I have a purpose, not a dream,

Where I will stand on the point of a knife,

And I will carry worlds, though small they may seem.

I will tiptoe and stomp and I will save a life.


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