I Am Scared. I Am Afraid.

Sun, 12/21/2014 - 01:19 -- LoganZn


I was born in a racing heart beat

I inherited a bustling society

A system thrown upon me

Forcing my hand in many different ways


I was made to be different

In a place that begs us to be the same

I was attempting to be different

While the industry of my life drives me insane


And I have developed high anxiety

For my heart races in fear of failure

Not of the system

But failing myself

My existence


And then there are the people I was born to

Who drove morals into me 

And engraved powerful commandments

Like those handed down to Moses


And my heart is racing

I am scared

I am afraid

Of my existence becoming not what it wants.


And it is funny

For it constantly fights with the ideas of society.

They quarrel

They argue

Society wants me to fit into a mold.

While I want to create the mold.


And it is scary to think that society puts such a weight on us.

Like Atlas holding up the world.

That they give us such deeds.

As if we were Heracles killing the hydra.


For it instills fear in me.

And I grab my heart.

Full of high anxiety.


I am scared.

I am afraid.


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