I am Poetry

Wed, 07/11/2018 - 23:10 -- Nat2298

Poetry is nothing

but words that are meant to match the flow of my heart...my history  

See it doesn’t need to make sense.

Do your feelings always make sense?

What is sense?


My heart and mind are pulled apart then forcibly mashed together

And me, being a youngin’, emulating Icarus

have always flown too close to the sun

And my heart has melted.


Poetry like the wind bellowing itself through Icarus’s feathers

Acted as my sealant fusing my the remains of it into who am I am now


But aren’t I being honest?

I hope I’m being honest

This is the only form of communication that keeps me honest

and unfiltered


Poetry has taught me to speak, to form word ,and trust in them

Its keep me honest because there is no way for my sadness to go

So I reflect

I feel

I cry

And then I smile


It’s interesting how poetry works

I do not have to say a single detail about my life

And yet someone will feel for me

whatever emotion that maybe

within these words

I can say everything...without saying everything


Poetry can become therapy

No one can judge what I claim to be my truth

Poetry taught me to do more than fill the void but heal it


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