I Am Other

Sun, 10/25/2015 - 21:36 -- Katsu

Written broadly against my chest I say "I am Other"

That's who I am

I am not this or that

I am other

I am the child who is always asked

What are you my friend?

They say

I cannot tell what you are

So tell me child

What are you?

I tell them what I am

I am other

I am nothing that you want

Or even heard of baby

Thats how its been since the beginning

I was born and it happened

My parents made it happen

You mix two and what'd ya get?

You get a mixed chic baby

That not what you wanted

Well thats too bad

Because I am other

The check boxes

They taught me well

My sweater tells me that loud and proud

Now let me tell you loud and proud

With this poem full of my words

I am proud to be mixed

Been put down a lot

But you know what?

I hope you enjoyed it

Because this was written by an 'other'.





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