I Am Nothing

I am nothing.
I feel as if I can do no good.
I am nothing.
I can never love another human being.
I am nothing.
They can never love me.
I am nothing.

I seek the things that are far from reach.
My hands are killing me, my arms burning,
tired from constant strain and misery.
My brain, royally messed up, from all the heartbreak.
Think to much and try even harder.
I am nothing.

I fight too hard for a war that is already lost.
I love, rather than fight.
I'd kill, rather than commit.
I leave when things get hard.
I leave before saying goodbye.
I am nothing.

I can't measure up to my parents, others, or society.
I am a failure.
I am nothing.

I try my best no matter what.
I fight my way to the top, and love the idea of success.
I never quite reach it, back broken
heart shattered in pieces.
I amount to nothing.
I am nothing.

I fall in love, fall out of love.
I ruin everything I do.
Loving him and her, loving friends.
Love is universal.
I am in another world.
I am nothing.

"Nothing" is something, correct?
It is a thing.
I am something.

I am going to dream on and think about what could have been.
I am something.
I am going to get my education.
I am something.
I am going to meet people I value.
I am something.

I am something...
to them.
I am nothing...
to me.


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