I Am Not Okay

Sun, 03/01/2015 - 18:50 -- SJDeane


Apparently, the only socially acceptable answer to the question "are you okay?", nowadays, is: "I'm fine". Even if you're not fine at all. Because when they ask "Are you okay?", they couldn't give two craps less about your emotional status for the day.

And then there are those "sensitive types" who respond with this long, drawn out monologue on how emotionally unstable they are. Please! Nobody cares that your boyfriend just dumped you like a barrel of trash at the street corner. Nobody cares that you got an F on that test in Algebra 2 because the "teacher doesn't like you". There are much more serious things to be complained, more than a messy break up or a bad grade. No matter how dire the circumstances, how sad the situation, they simply won't care.

And still, from your lips the cries of helplessness and temporary sadness pour. And I can relate, but this mask of happiness I wear upon my face, to cover up the pain, stunts my view of the truth. And all of you, wearing your masks, trying to convince everyone that you're something that you're not, are hiding from the truth. And to be completely honest, as I remove the mask of conformity from my face, think about and contemplate, I realize...

I am one of those "sensitive types". I am the one who will go on and on about her day as if you even cared about me, my life, and how I'm doing. But the fact of the matter is, you don't. And so many other people don't. Our society has turned into a melting pot of insensitive, incompetent ignoramuses, mixed with fake, follower fiends, who only care about whether you think their swag level is higher than the next guy's. And to be completely honest, I'm fed up with these façade colored cloaks that we parade around in, acting like we care about anything, when we, as a generation, don't.

Well I do! And I will try to understand your pain, the suffering you're going through, and value the contents of your day, the details of your life, and the testament to your tribulations like they are the words of a prophet. Because you matter, I matter, we all matter.

So when you ask me "are you okay?",
I'll say "NO, and here's why

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