I am not I… Who am I?

I am not who I am ! I have a Body but am I the Body?I have a Mind but am I the Mind? I have an Ego but am I the Ego? Who is the ME that I am? I have eyes that can seeBut the eyes are not meI have limbs that can walkBut it's not me, who does the talk These are mine but not meWho is the ME that I am?  I am not this BodyOne day, this Body will die.I am not this MindWhere is the Mind, I cannot find! I am not the EgoThen, Who Am I? Am I a butterfly? No, that's not Me Am I a bee? No, that's not MeAm I a tree? No, that's not Me I am ME!  Who is the ME that I am?I am not Who I think I amAm I an Indian? No, that's my nationality Am I a Hindu? No, that's my religionAm I a male? No, that's my gender I am not Who I think I am!  I am not my carI know What I am not!I am not my houseI know what I am not! What I Am Not, I know! But I know not, Who I Am!  If I am not the Body, Who am I? If I am not the Mind, Who am I?If I am not the Ego, Who am I? I am None of these but I amWho is the 'I' that I Am? I am the Power that gives LifeI am that Power that brought me to EarthThat Power is the SOUL, A Spark Of Unique LifeThe Soul is what gave me Birth Now I Know, Who I Am!I am not the Body that will dieI am Not the Mind and Ego, ME, that says, 'I' Because I don't Know, 'Who I am', I cry When I Realize, 'Who Am I?'I Become one with the Power in the Sky What is the Purpose of our Life on Earth? What is the Purpose of Human Birth? To go on a Quest, to find, 'Who I am not' Then, I will Realize, 'Who I am'This is the Purpose of 'I'  As long as I think, I am Everything!I will live and die as Nothing!But the moment I Realize, I Am Nothing In that moment, I become Everything! It happens when I Realize, 'Who Am I?' I am the SOUL, the Spark Of Unique LifeThe Soul is the Supreme Immortal Power, SIP When I Realize, 'Who I am not,' I board a ship I become SIP, then I start a Very Special Trip A Voyage that Unites my SOUL with SIP I am not the Ego, that's my identity!I am not the Body and Mind, that's not me! I am the Holistic Energy, I am 'HE'I am not 'I' that I thought I was'Who am I?’ I Know, 'Who I Am!' ‘I Am Not 'I',' This is the Truth‘Who am I?' Get to the rootFirst, I must find out, 'Who I am not' For this, I must be free from all Thought Then, I will Realize, 'Who am I?'

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