She yelled at me
in front of the group,
pointed, postured, accusatory.
didn't know that a shrink,
could instill so much doubt
checking to see
what I'm made of...

Dr. Joyce Brother look alike...

don't wanna know how you got your
or how you reflect me,
or why you suspect me.
Why would I pay
to embarrass myself telling a bunch of lies?
The only thing I learned in this room...
I am not dependant on you
Thank god

Your bad therapy,
torture tactics.
keeps em coming back,
telling clients
that they're unworthy
a hundred bucks a pop....
for shitty
bad counseling
My realization
struck a final chord...
all your talking
had no where to go...
You can't fix a thing...
There is nothing
you could say or do
to make me feel better about me
I am better
I am not dependant on you
Thank God

You put words in my mouth
announced to the group
that you distrust me
said I hide my inner feelings
that I'm making up stories!
but it's just not true...
it's you projecting
you projecting you...
You sound like my mom
as crazy as that seems
hundreds of dollars
to interpret my dreams
trying to bring back old pain and suffering
Its you,
not me,
projecting you,
not me
it's you!

Though I have doubts,
and who doesn't?
I love who I am!
and music flows
beneath my skin
Happy, Sad, Good, and open
true to my heart,
don't wanna live in your coffin!
Your Group therapy sessions
to keep them meek!
needy and bulimic
keeps em coming back
weak after week...

Don't know how you made your assumption
or how you reflect me
or why you suspect me
but one thing I know,
and this is the real me
I am not
dependant on you.
Thank God!

In your presence a sinking feeling
you wanted to pull me apart...
but lady I have one thing
you don't own...
a sensitive and loving heart.
As you chart my every move
oblivious to my growth
just to keep me co dependant
immersed inside your Group!

How dare you
accuse me
of not telling the truth
wasting my money and time,
At least I've got friends who love me...
and family,
I'm lucky for that!
Not you projecting you
projecting you...
I won't be coming back...
Say good bye to the Others, I feel sorry for them!
I am not dependant on you
Thank God!

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