i am no question but

Fri, 04/20/2012 - 08:53 -- maelwe


South Africa

growing up painfully is no excuse,
bashing her is an abusive,
innate need.
why do you hate her so much?
asked her parents for her hand,
promised to put a wedding band--
on her index finger.
all we here now in the middle of the night,
are her painful screams!
can you see what you doing to us?
we are a community,
a part of you,
her cries rouse our anger,
mankind is fragile,
when will you learn to accept?
no do not even reply,
i am asking no question but,
teach you how to be a man,
something your whiskers,
grovelling voice fail to instill

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Sometimes, however much we want someone to understand us and what we believe, they refuse. We can't always make them understand, but we can certainly write down our opinions in our poetry, which is what makes this such a great poem.

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