I Am My World

I am a woman with great potential.

People tell me how put together I am and how much hope I have.

I analyze in every moment,

Imitating body movements and catching subtle cues.

I am a heart on a sleeve so all can see,

But guarded by a mask so none can touch.


I breathe air, but this world is not mine.


I am a woman possessed by the past.

People can’t see the pain in my eyes from experience and destroyed dreams.

I attempt to run to my future,

But it easily outpaces even my quickest steps.

I am no more than a shell of a woman,

Aching desperately to retrieve her soul.


I want to experience the world.


I am a woman who will live for once.

People can’t show me who to live my life as and what to say to prosper.

I will seize my chance at the present.

Let the past worry for the past; the future isn't here.

I am taking this chance to enjoy the world,

Claiming what I too far from my hands to grasp.


The air I breathe is now of my world.

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