I Am... More



I Am… More

I am more than one word. I am more than a 1,000 words. There will never be enough words to describe me or my life.

I can tell you that I am a nice, sweet girl, but does that really give you an idea of who I am? I can tell you how I grew up with two sisters, with divorced parents, with bullies, with love, with hate, with discrimination… and this may start to describe my life, but what about me? Do my experiences describe me? Not well enough.

I can describe my experiences, my personality, my life… but these will never tell you who I am.

 On the outside I appear like a sweet, smart school girl because that’s the stereotype I fit. But that’s only an opinion from the outside. A quick judgment of the cover. I am so much more.

I am a sister, daughter, friend, and child. I am a caring, sweet, smart, and interesting person. I am a passionate and loud person. I am a senior, a student, and a young adult. I am someone who grew up in the south, lost friends, made friends, played sports, played instruments, and so much more. And I am a person who is about to enter adulthood… yet I am still more.

None of these things can truly describe who I am. No word will ever be able to describe me. Because I am what I am. A complex individual who changes from day to day. Someone who cannot de defined. No word fits. Even over a million words would never tell you who I am. So all I can say is… I am more.

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