I am me.

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I am determined. An indelible force of will who will not take no for an answer.

I am a leader. I take control of myself and my future without hesitation.

I am resilient. Hurdles and obstacles are made insignificant by my power.

And I am changing. I am adapting to my environment, but never sacrificing my goals.


I am willing to place priority on what I need to accomplish, but never at the expense of those around me.

I am a servant of my fellow man, and I seek to raise others to fulfill their goals and desires, because of their sheer value and potential as people.

I am resourceful, and eager to work in difficult situations to find a resolution where before all that was found was contempt, and pain, and defeat.

I am effervescent, positive, and I let no darkness extinguish my lights


I am all of these things, but I am also flawed and human. My trials and my suffering lead me to greater wisdom, far more than I could achieve being perfect. I am tested in these characteristics, and I reward myself when I show good faith to me, and those around me. I am strong willed, and I will be responsible for my successes, or I will pay the price for my failures.


I am compassionate, and wish to alleviate the suffering of others.

I am mindful of the hopes, wills, dreams of those around me.

I am small, and I seek the help of those around me.

And I am me.

I am me, and that is what will never change.

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