I Am Me

I am tall with brown hair

My eyes are not blue, but green

I am not boring where as my personality has flare

My name is not cathleen nor kathleen

I am me


My name is Taylor not Tailor

I love animals and they will be with me forever

My passion is filmmaking and I don't want to be a mailer

I have a dream and that dream is so alive and clever

I am me


I love hanging out with friends and family, but not with spiders

My mind bleeds onto paper when I write, which is often

I have played sports and have drunk cider

My life is precious and I love it and it wont end even when I'm in a coffin

I am me


My friends say that I am crazy, but not crazy enough for a straitjacket

I am not the president nor the richest person in the world

My goals are never ending like putting water in a incomplete basket

I am not the person who cured diseases nor the lord

I am me







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