I am Me

If I sat here and cried, would you write me a song,

to cheer me up and to lift me along?

If I went missing, just for a while,

Would you even notice, would the phone ever dial?

What if I died here, just one random night?

Would you miss me at all? Would you even cry?

I lay in my bed as depressed as can be, thinking of all my misery.

Then one single thought appears in my mind.

I can’t simply give up, my heart’s going blind.

I open my heart and my eyes and I see,

so many new things so differently.

The beauty, the blessings, the family, and friends,

So many things that the list never ends.

Sometimes, the people, they never see,

The gifts they’ve been given, like you and me.

We take it for granted and it never occurs,

 That while you’re depressed, it could have been worse.

So remember to thank whoever you believe,

For everything you have and receive.

So think, if you can, with a smile in your heart,

Of how you will act, before the day even starts.

You were clearly supposed to be here in this time and place.

So go through the day with cheer, hope, and grace.

Remember each blessing and think happily,

I will always be special, because I am me.


Need to talk?

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