If you are somebody like me.

Aspiring to be the best version of thyself.

Honoring, cherishing, and loving yourself. 

Setting goals and checking lists.

Having a vision and accomplishing much.

It is then that you start dreaming, dreaming big and huge.

The fear of failure comes and you start self sabotaging. 

You partcipate in your own dishonorment.

You willingly allow yourself to not be fulfilled.

You restrict yourself and limit yourself.

Not being able to soar. 

You often have pity parties and feel so sad.

Not recognizing that the fulfillment of your own soul is strictly in your hands.

The responsibility is only yours to acknowledge that truth.

Fear will be there. Yes, indeed. 

But take it with you and let it mold you into the person, you are destined to be.

Let it be the reason your faith is strong.

And when you become the greatest version of you.

Just remember that you always had it in you and that fear was just tagging along. 

Making sure that it pushed you to be your own best magnificent. 




This poem is about: 
My community


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