I am a liar

Blood drips onto the floor from the knives in my back

Tears flood from my eyes as it all goes black

I let people hurt me because I trust too much

I let them consume me, my thoughts and such

I am nothing. A speck of dust in space

Who cares what I think?

I am a lost case

I don’t know who I am

I don’t give a damn

But I do

I care what people think, what people say. What is true?

As I melt to insanity nothing can help me

Anxiety drags me down hard

It doesn’t care how much I plea

No one sees

I hide, I mask myself

I pretend it's a breeze

I make everyone think I’m this happy girl with not a care in the world

I strive for A’s, to make myself feel better

But nothing can hide the fact I'm falling into the black seas

The black seas I call home.

They are my walls my strength

I now keep friends at arm's length

I have been hurt to many times

I'm stronger I say, but I'm not

I'm not

I’m broken

I’m hurt

I'm weak, I fall into the fire

I'm not strong

All I am is a liar


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