I Am Human

I'm just an ordinary teenage boy,

Not some target toy.

I'm not something you can just destroy, 

To people I'm worth seeing,

But you didn't see me as a human being.


All I did was leave my father's house,

And walk to the store with a couple dollars,

You say your as innocent as a mouse,

And say I attacked and committed slaughter?


But you lay me in blood unarmed,

I didn't even come your way, I stayed away, I meant no harm.

All I wanted to do was to get to my dad's house and enjoy my skittles n' tea..

So please.... save that, just stop it!


You took my life,

And you made it out the case,

But since the people in prison can't torture you for taking my life,

Your guilty conscience will haunt you,

And will have your undeserving life to chase.



              -Deion Eyma
















This poem is about: 
Our world


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