i am fourteen years old

i am fourteen years old.

i am not who i am by manifestation.

i am brewed by those who know me,

those who love me, those who knew me.


i am not big enough.

i am not listened enough.

but i know i am smart enough.

strong enough.

ready enough.

i belong.


yes, i am but of fourteen years of age.

but i do not forget that i am shaped by many mouths.

many ears, many noses, and many hands.


i keep up with those of elder.

i am a keeper of secrets and lies and betrayals of manipulation.

i do not doubt my own antics and anticipations.


my spirit and my soul are not purified.


my heart is shared within all.

a bit, by bit to those of others.

and a little something extra to whoever wants it.


i am only fourteen years of age.

and i am a volume of blessings, blood, and beliefs, 

more than i am a person.

This poem is about: 
My family


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