I Am Flawless

I stand tall with my head held high;

Shoulders back and ready for the ride;

Watching eagles spread their wings;

Listening to the Angels sing.


I see myself in my mind’s eye;

Wind is blowing with a soft sigh.

Hair is blonde and dancing all around;

Without making a single sound.


Laughter, dancing that is me;

Some people just can’t see;

I am not sad nor am I lazy;

But people feel I am a tad bit crazy.


Not a psycho or a criminal;

I actually read from a hymnal.

Eyes twinkling from the fun;

Getting my energy from the sun.


My parents see me as I am;

Seeing my beauty from within.

Some people may not like me but I’m not cautious;

I guess that is what makes me FLAWLESS.


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