“Admire me, Admire me!” my chest screams,

My heart is big, my heart is seen right up amongst my sleeve,

It makes my daily goal end in a stranger’s smile,

Would I change with this disastrous world? No, never, not while my heart still beats.

I am me and always will be, this changing world will never change who I truly am,

It will never change who I will be, not while my heart still beats.

I am flawless with my heart so stubborn,

I am flawless with a plan not of selfishness,

I will bring someone up before I ever bring them down,

Others well being is before my own when I see someone in need,

I am flawless with a lot of love for those who are classified as unlovable,

I open my arms to everyone, I will catch everyone falling in my direction,

I will help them the best I can, because I know that with this changing world comes a hopeless despair.

I am flawless and always will be no matter how much this world pushes at me.

Nothing will ever be able to change the way my heart makes me, me.



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