I am the Droplet



I am the droplet.

Fallen from a cloud.

My reflective surface,

catching sight of my brothers

falling alongside me.


Images pass through me, 

reflect upon me,

slice me,

drown me.


Dirt poisons my pure waters,

yet light dances upon me

and for a second, I sparkle,

my color spectrum

holding every thought and emotion.


I've seen knowing,

too quickly, I fall by.

Filled with heavy weight,

faster, faster, I fly.


For an instant, a second,

I see everything.

That ever has, ever been.

The ground rushes up.


The next instant gone.

Swallowed up yet again,

the quiet, final sound

light as moth wings.


Don't fret, don't fear,

embittered others.

I will escape the ground pen.

Come back to the sky,

and be born again.


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