I am dramatic when it comes to boys

Sun, 01/08/2017 - 15:40 -- GabyC

I am gone.

The tears have fallen 

back into the red blood sea.

Into the nothingness

that the universe set me out to be.


For the young that are heartbroken 

who strain their pillows with sad despair that

pours out of their eyes.

You have not found love yet,

but persevere, my beloved.

They will come to you.

When your back is turned

You will have faint recollections 

of all the other men.


The boys that you thought you loved.

The boys that fed you lies to last a lifetime.

You will only feel regret for the tears that was

marked by their name.

But all that pain brought something so God damn wonderful...

My true love, my soulmate.


Now I remember.

The universe.

The way the stars work.

How they die, but remain in our vision from earth.


I saw the stars reflected in your eyes

and I remembered

I am nothing.

And so are you.

We are nothing, but a collection of dust

among the inevitable.


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