I Am Deep and Drained

I am Deep  

deep  as a well

But on the outside, I am a shell of smiles and full of 

laugher and everything else well. 

But alone in the inside i  would always breakdown 

as my fears begon  to creep  behind me,as my monsters

tore me part and meddled with my brain  and my heart 

and I would be bought down 

People told me I am too quiet but when  I spoke nobody 

heard not a single word. 

So  my fears begon  a lot of battles and in my own mind,

SO I begon  to Drowning. 

When  I begon to  drown , I just shut down for a while, not 

for a few minutes or hours but for a couple of days, and I

I am not this person I want to  be like I would be this 

person  who  would can't find the pieces to  who I am 

  I would just disappear.   

When I would disappear

I would also  be drained my emotions, 

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