I am Covenant

I am...


I am Covenant

With contract, I have a retreat

With contract, I have a devotion of convenice

With Covenant, I have a Devotion based on Solemn Promise.

Come Hell or high water, don't matter if it's 50 against 2, I will not leave

your side.

We go down together.

Half of all marriages fail in Our Country

What is Love to U.S. when half of us back out?

Covenant, not by law, because the law has a way out

Covenant by constant Love and Devotion

Where Failure to produce Joy is


I am Covenant

A Word of immense Power

Describing a specific Pledge and Promise

Whre we walk in between the halves of an animal saying

If We break Covenant, let this happen to US.

A walk through Blood and Gore

So We may not becom torn like an Ocean's shores

I am an Unflinching Vow

I am



This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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