I Am But a Book

Fri, 07/18/2014 - 00:51 -- Hoko83


Appearances really are misleading.

I do not look dark, yet I am not light.

My face has the complexion of many hardships.

When you see me, your eyes are blinded,

not by light, nor the dark,

but rather the shell you see.

This shell is nothing but a cover for a book

whose innards tell the truth. 

This cover shows nothing but lies;

They conceal what's inside

The inner darkness.

Inside this book lies something words cannot express,

something that must be sealed.

This book cannot be read, held, harmed, nor comforted by another.

I am alone;

not by choosing,

but by fate.

I am but a book that will fade into the flow of time, 

my contents lost to the ages.

The tale contained, lost to time,

where none may reach,

where I will reside

keeping the contents safe.

None may see it;

it may see no one.


I am but a book

destined to be lost in time.

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