I am a....unknown

I don't know, for how could I?

I am complicated, yet want to be simple

No one can tell me who I am

For even I can't decide

I wish things wouldn't change

For good ideas are left to hang.

I'm fluent in one language

I've eaten many cuisines

Lived in two cities

But miss the one in between

People say sour words

SImple yet often hurt

You have but one path

Which only one can pass

Lost for eternity were it not

Had I choose not of thought

It's your life, no one else

It's your story upon his shelf

The sun stays warm while the moon appears cold

Their greedy hands latch on and hold

Even if I were to disappear

The omniscent ocean leads the way out of fear

I must not fear

For they are here

I must not be afraid

For my friends are to aid

College is expensive, no doubt

I have to try to bring my future about

I will advance towards the star light skies

And wait for the morning sun rise


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Trying to save money for college. So I could use the scholarship. Every penny counts.


I think it's beautiful, you get very poetic and than very simple. It's beautiful, wonderful job.

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