I Am Angelica

Since the age of three,

She loved going to school.

But as naïve as she was,

She didn’t know life could be so cruel.


In came the asthma attacks.

In came the allergies.

The trips to the ER

Had her begging for mercy please.


She was a Daddy’s girl

To the very end.

But then he changed

And torn seams would no longer mend.


Her friends think she is outgoing,

Think that in success she will bask.

But what they don’t see,

Is the monster behind the mask.


Anger and despair

Like lava in her veins.

She started to doubt herself,

To question if she was sane.


She felt alone,

And no one seemed to care.

She wondered what life would be like

If she wasn’t there.


Pain and pride,

Sleepless nights and stress,

Of her life

They made a bloody mess.


Her grandpa succumbed to leukemia.

Her childhood crush now travels in the Styx.

But the holes in her heart

Were eventually fixed.


Her mommy was there,

And she made everything okay.

The monsters of life

Were momentarily kept at bay.


With God’s guiding hand

And a haphazard start,

Darkness ceased

To invade her heart.


She buried her feelings

And persevered.

The beauty of life

She no longer wanted to fear.


She kept straight A’s

And is rank number one.

Though her schedule is packed,

She still makes room for fun.


Her family loves her

As do her friends.

For now, the bad times

Have come to an end.


She has a passion for animals

And aspires to become a vet.

Going to UC Davis

Will be her best bet.


Her life is a storm

But with storms come renewal.

Her happiness grows

Like a lamb’s crimped wool.


Flowers of potential

Bloom in her garden of life.

A tree of strength

Pierces the ground like a knife.


After many adventures,

She finally feels free.

I am proud to say

This “she” is truly me.


I’m an in the closet poet.

A secret fiction writer.

The heavens know

I was truly born a fighter.


I am a seeker of knowledge.

A lover of books.

An optimistic teen

Who is learning how to cook.


I am a daydreamer,

A believer in magic.

A Roman Catholic

Who hates endings that are tragic.


A child at heart

Forever will I be.

I am Angelica.

I am me.

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