I am American

“Let me go” a man weeps
“Let me stay” a girl screams
“Don’t take my land away” the chief speaks looking dead at me….
A country of heat and a history of savagery
Their lips don’t speak
Their eyes hold agony and the desire to be completely free to just be…..
But then there’s me
They created me
They helped heal me
Their hearts yearn for peace and serenity in the land that is me.
“They hurt me” a voice speaks in the darkness that infused me.
“No” I finally speak but my voice is broken. “I did”
“Who are you?” they all question at once but not with words
“I am America, Land of the controlled and integrity.”
“No” the weeping man speaks “I am America land of the free”
“I am America,” the woman who screamed says this calmly “Land of color and diversity”
“No” the chief speaks just the same as me quieting everything “America is not just me” he continues pointing at his chest then pointing over to us three
“We are America land of prosperity and possibility”
“What do you mean” the weeping man questions managing to step away from me
“That thought of America is just a dream” He continues spitefully looking around and pointing at me
“You hurt me!” he screams and falls to his knees “From hate to Slavery, every day you take away!”
“You hurt me…” the girl who screamed now weeps. “You ripped me from my family”
“You…. Destroyed….me” The once calm chief somewhat pleads “People don’t see anything but anger from me, all I’m known for is my war and savagery”
It’s completely silent as they all share their pain with me
“I…I’m sorry” I beg looking at them all in desperation as they all turn away from me
The pain I cause
The homes I destroy
The land I take
…….will it end

Or will I always hate
No one speaks, but everyone screams…
“I’m sorry for being me”

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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