I Am...

• I am small.

• I am invisible

• To the world, I don't exist.

• I am silent, yet sensible.

• To them, I pose no threat.

• I am "The Mute;"

• The kid in the back.

• The kid with no voice who speaks through a notepad.

• The kid no one sees,

• Or even bothers to look at.

• I am a ghost.

• A weed in the garden.

• I am a child of no one, to be easily forgotten.

• I am black.

• And I am sad.

• I wish I had a hand to be held by a dad.

• I wish I had his smile to make me happy when I'm sad.

• I need a new heart.

• This one hurts too much.

• I am not white.

• I am not rich.

• I am not living.

• But to live is my wish.

• I will fight this oppression.

• And I will find my way.

• Because I am a force that shall not be swayed.

• I am of God, as he is of me.

• So I will fight until I am free.

• I am strong.

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that was beautiful, inspirational , and moving . great job 


Thank You. That means a lot. 

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