I am...

I am a human being.
I have eyes that can see,
A mouth that can speak,
and ears that can hear.
I am a human being.

I see how people act,
The way people give unwanting looks,
and I see the world for what it is.
Looking out into this world,
To the label society has put on us.
Our weight, skills, popularity, looks.
I see the scars from those depressed,
The bruises from someone you trusted once.
I see your beauty and what defines you.
I am a human being.

I speak to people from my heart,
Others say things to put people down,
Our generation makes us feel we should
Say certain things to be accepted
Or act a certain way, making us puppets.
I will stand up and say enough is enough.
I speak for those who don't have courage
To do so and to speak the realness of life.
I am a human being.

I hear the descriminalization.
The laughter, crying, and love.
I hear us being told to be someone
We are not. To respect those who do
not respect us for who we are.
I hear silence, and the awkwardness of not
Feeling welcome.
I am a human being.

We all have witnessed this, maybe
More intense than others.
We all have eyes, mouths, and ears.
Some may not see, talk, nor be able to hear. But
If we all could learn to be accepting and spend
A few minutes to let our guard down, Judge not, and love, then just maybe things could be different.

I am a human being,
And I pray for change.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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