I AM...


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I am!

Who am I?

To society, I am a name, a number, a faceless drone.

To friends, I am replacable, I am weird, I am the obnoxious one.

To family, I am the outcast, the outsider, the black sheep.

To me, I am an individual.


I am the one afraid of rejection.

I am the replacable one.

I am no one special. 

I am alone. 

I am and will always be broken.

I am in pieces.




I am strong.

I am resiliant. 

I will bounce back from every blow society sends at me.

I am the optimist. 

I am a dreamer.

I am unique.

I am not one to pass by. 


To myself.

I am to myself, a hero.

A legend waiting to happen.

I am a mystery.

I am a story only partially told.

I am and always shall be a combination of my life and experiences.

I am me.

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