I AM.....

A book titled read me.

just becase my title says these words doesnt mean im open for discussion.

Not a gas leak, no, I am not a engine facing combustion 

my title is there because i trust you.

i have a heart of gold, and a story that is untold.

i write from pen to paper because my simpified words are cold.

if you dont understand please raise your hand

please do not open my book

if your only willing to have a look. 

i beg you stay for the whole story

please dont stop if you think its going to get boring

because this is the unspoken part you dont see.... 


i am what you don expect

someone that can be writen off with a check

everyone has there price and since mine has been paid

then a check can suduce my mind to be swayed.


i share the same look as lucifer him self

that sexy look

that can keep a honest man hooked

and can get a killer unbooked.


i feel good being bad. 

that is the only thing i am good at

and since i am good at being bad.

then for no given reason should i feel bad

because it's



love me or hate me at least you know this is me.

are you tired of it yet. 

it seems to me thta i am just a bee 

buzzing in your ear with a stinger connected to my rear

but what you didnt know 

is what else is connected to that follows. 

its my heart mind and soul 

and if i dare sting you 

your small irritated pain 

will take all that remains

of me.

and i will drop dead with no mind paid to this poor little honey bee.


so i will take my book and my words 

rap them up so noone gets hurt 

and on the cover the title will read



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