I Am

Fri, 08/14/2015 - 15:34 -- etsivar

I am a human being, a citizen of this world

I am American, but I'm also Canadian 

I am a New Yorker and a high school senior and a daughter and sister and friend

This is what they see, this is what I am to the casual observer

But I am a lover of philosophy, of poetic verses, and words that that have an impact

I am an addict, music my only vice

I listen to drown out my thoughts, my feelings, because I am depressed

I am surrounded, yet alone

I am scared and unsure

To be honest, I don't know who I am.

But I know who I want to be

I want to be a changer, a leader, someone who matters

I want to be a traveler, an adventurer

I want to be happy.

But for now, 

I am a friend and a sister and a daughter

I am a high school senior and a New Yorker

An American and a Canadian

For now, I must be content to be a human being, a mere citizen of this world

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