I AM...

I AM Olivia Stoops

I AM Smart. I AM Determined.

I WONDER what the future holds in store for me. 

I HEAR the voices of my family and friends supporting what I do. 

I SEE the smiling and happy faces of my loved ones congratulating me for my achievements.

I WANT happiness and success in a job that I love to do. 

I AM Olivia Stoops

I PRETEND that nothing is wrong, even when something is. 

I FEEL like I always have to keep it together, because if I don't then who will?

I HOLD my feelings inside, never letting anyone break through. 

I WORRY that one day I won't be able to control the situation. 

I CRY when the ones around me are hurt and there is nothing I can do to make it better. 

I AM Olivia Stoops

I UNDERSTAND that I have the whole world ahead of me. 

I SAY that nothing can ever stand in my way. 

I DREAM about the perfect life, defined by my standards of perfection.

I TRY to do the best I can in everything I do.

I HOPE that the future looks bright.

I AM Olivia Stoops

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Olivia Stoops

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