I Am


To people I am a quiet young woman 

A young woman with dreams like any other teen 

But I am so much more 

I am the the waves that crash along the shore

I am the sun that shines on this Earth 

I am a child of a mothers given birth 

I am the spark on a birthday candle 

I am misplaced and mishandled 

I am looked upon and looked over 

I am a four leaf clover 

I have purpose as I have courage 

I am a forest flame

So show me no shame 

Point a gun, ready? Aim.

I am not the one to blame 

I am like the rest I am the same 

I am not a game 

I am a person

I am human 

I make mistakes 

I ache and I shake

But I am what I am 

A quiet young woman with a fire burning in the comfort of my own chest



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