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(poems go here) I AM FROM…
I am from the gentle and brave..
From the hard headed & the heart warming..
From the people I call family..
Because they have shown me the way..

I am from the people that are and only do them..
From the people that have and do care for me
I am from the place many people call dangerous..
Do to the crime rate, the drug use, the gang action,
This place people judge and jump to conclusions about.
The place I call..
I am from the place where I met most of my friends..
The once I have gain, the ones I have & the once I have lost..
Rip. Oscar Young Savage 94-09
You will always be in my heart. Miss you like crazy & still cant believe your gone.
I am from the people who make mistakes but instead of trying to hide them
They admit them and go from there learning and becoming stronger..
I am from the saying I repeat..
Live for today..
Learn from yesterday..
Dream of tomorrow.
I am from a big family but I am the youngest.
I am from parents who wish they had a childhood like mines..
That work so hard to give this life to me..
I am from the family who has been there for me..
That is still there for me..
& will always be there, through anything and everything.
I am myself..
And who may that be you ask.?
Well its never the less but,



Expressing myself in writing is sometimes easier then speaking outloud.

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