As I Am

Even if I could become the greatest poet in the world,

I don't know if I could tell you the words to win you over.

You don't understand where I am coming from.

You have gotten everything you have ever wanted

but me, all I've ever wanted is you. 

You are my wishes upon shooting stars. 
You are my last thought as I fall asleep. 
You are a cliche that never gets old. 
You are my everything, but I am nothing to you. 

Even if I could wake up tomorrow as someone else, 

I would never be someone that would catch your eye. 
I could change my entire personality, look, and status, 

And you would never see me as of more importance than a servant. 

But you have always been my master. 

I fall at your feet and say "tell me what will please you!"

I dress you so that all the young girls you court will notice the intricacies of your eyes

I will always be nothing and you will always be everything

But maybe in another life you will see me, 

not just as a servant,

or a poet,

or a lonely little girl, 

but me, Rylee, as I am

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