I am a panda,

Just waking up,

I am 1:22 in the morning


I am a ferrari,

Admirable to others,

My high-beams glaring,

loud music blasting,

Annoying others at night,


I am a mixture of blue and red,

The purple of bruises that are healing,


I am ginger beer,

Strong and flavorful,


I am the fall,

Always changing,


I am the person sitting alone,

With their head held low,

Crying and screaming inside,

Waiting for help or even a “Hi,”

Sometimes I want to make the confession,

I am suffering from depression,


I am Jamaica,

Black, Green, and Gold running through my soul,

I have high confidence and my tone is bold,


I am November 10,


A start of life,

Gracious and nice,


I am 7,

A lucky number,

Holy too,

A blessing to some,

And enemy to none,


I am Number 7,

Odd in many ways,

Trying to push my way in,

But always left out,


Dark cloudy skies,

A flood in the streets,

Light weight,

Persistent to continue,

Sprinkles on the ground,

Clears out the crowd,

Loneliness was only found,

I am rain.

I AM Shantel.

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